Podiatry is an allied health specialty that is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and lower leg disorders. A qualified Podiatrist undertakes a 4 year Bachelor of Podiatry degree. Some examples of Allied Health Practitioners, other than Podiatrists are Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Dieticians.
A Podiatrist can help alleviate your foot pain. There are many foot conditions that could be the reason for your pain, from an ingrown toenail, cracked heels or problems due to flat feet through to circulation issues from diabetes or pain arising from achilles tendonitis. A trained Podiatrist can assess and diagnose your source of foot pain and then provide tailored solutions and a treatment plan. 
Your feet need to be happy, happy feet is what the Seaview Podiatry team are experts in. They can also provide podiatry care advice on how you can avoid foot problems, such as assisting you with the type of running or work or casual shoes that would best suit your feet.

What is Podiatry and How Can it Help You?

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