At the first appointment, we will gather relevant past medical history from you, including any medical conditions and current medications.

Medical conditions can increase the risk of joint deformity/inflammation infection, poor healing and decreased mobility.


Allowing us to know as much as possible about your general health can help with the diagnosis of your foot pain, the specific information we can give you about your foot problem and the strategies that will reduce repeated risk of injury. 

1. History Taking


In assessing your foot pain we will examine your feet: what particular area of the feet are you experiencing pain, how often, what level of pain, what is your foot temperature like, is there a deformity in your foot, or a change of colour in parts, do you suffer with foot odour as a result of the foot condition, has there been a loss of strength or numbness occurring with your feet?
As Podiatrists we can refer you, for example, for a foot x-ray or ultrasound of the soft tissue of the foot. These tests can be billed through Medicare, and are simple tests to ensure our diagnosis is accurate.

2. Assessment

The diagnosis of your foot pain could be local (to the foot/feet) or systematic (as a result of something happening throughout or in some other part of your body). Seaview Podiatry have a range of specialists that they partner with should your foot pain require treatment other than what a Podiatrist can do. 

3. Diagnosis

4. Treatment Plan

A treatment plan is the end goal once the history taking, assessment and diagnosis is done. Our treatment plans are tailored to your specific foot problem and/or condition. 

Examples of strategies that may be suggested are: sports taping, stretching exercises, debriding or removing callus, nail surgery, soft padding insoles, fitting of over the counter arch supports, custom made orthotics, monitoring of a wound/ulcer, providing routine nail care and/or regular diabetes assessment.
Our services are also available to assist with childhood skin and nail problems, fungal skin or nail conditions, plantar warts, foot/lower leg problems encountered by athletes and sportspeople.

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