Flat Feet and overpronation are terms that are often mixed up – you can have both conditions or just one. If you look at your foot when you stand (looking at a mirror will be helpful for this activity) and you can see the entire inside of your foot is touching the ground (in other words, there is not an arch) then you have what is called Flat Feet.

With pronation this refers to the inward rolling of your foot and the lowering of your foot arch when you are walking or running – that is, when you are applying weight to the body. Now to an extent, everyone’s feet pronate when they run or walk. However, a problem can occur when there is overpronation.
What can make it frustrating, is that is there no particular measure that is used to work out what is optimal pronation. Thus a Podiatrist assesses it by observing the client run or walk and also by any particular pain or injury the client may refer to. If there is excessive or overpronation this increases the risk of injury because the foot is constantly over-rolling as it were.
As your Podiatrist when creating a treatment plan for you, if you have flat feet or overpronation, we will look at helping you both increase the height of your arch when you are standing and also look at adjusting the way in which you run and/or walk so that the amount of pronation of your feet is controlled.
If you have identified from reading through the information on this page that you have flat feet or overpronation or both, then give us a call to make an appointment today, phone 8235 1856.

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